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Mark Brownstein Lab Director / Editorial Director

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The technologists at have been providing product reviews, evaluation, design and documentation assistance for more than two decades. Areas of expertise include digital and audio technologies, networking, operating systems, digital storage, content management, computer system design, and application and utility software products. We have been on the leading edge of computer technologies since before the birth of the PC.

Our Editorial Director has written seven books on computing and has been an editor at major computing publications. He has provided content to many of the major consumer publications, in addition to key vertical publications.



IndependentTestLabs.Com provides a wide range of services. Our Services include:


IndependentTestLabs.Com has developed awards that help assure users (and vendors) that a product has been thoroughly tested and meets our requirements for certification. These awards include:

Technology Tracking / Consulting

IndependentTestLabs.Com intends to keep a close eye on the continuing improvements in electronic technologies. We have been on the forefront of such technology areas as ISCSI, InfiniBand, S-ATA, MPEG2,3,4, DivX, USB 1&2, SDLT & LTO tape, 64-bit processing technologies, Broadband technologies, Wireless networking, Linux and Linux desktops, and many other technology trends.

Our editors are available for columns, reviews, and features relating to new technologies, new products, and product trends.

Additionally, our Editorial Director has been moderator and/or panelist at many industry conferences and may be available for future conferences or special events.

A Few Current Projects

IndependentTestLabs.Com is currently working on many projects, a few of which are listed here:

Editorial Content

IndependentTestLabs.Com has designated Configure--Test--Report Magazine (CTRMAG.COM) as an official site for its public reports. IndependentTestLabs.Com will also provide content to (Linspire Magazine).

IndependentTestLabs.Com will remain a resource for private testing, documentation, and other services.


For more information please write Mark Brownstein at IndependentTestLabs.Com, or call 818 885 5900.